ThumbVideo FAQ (English)

Q. Where is setting?

Please tap iOS “Settngs” app from home screen. Then scroll the screen down. You will find the item “ThumbVideo”.

Q. How can I copy video files to the app.

You can use “iTunes File Sharing” from PC/Mac iTunes. Connect your device to the PC/Mac. On iTunes, select your device name from left side-bar. Select “App” tab. Scroll screen down. There is a list of apps which support “iTunes File Sharing”. Select “ThumbVideo” and drag your video files into right frame. Please google “iTunes File Sharing” for more information.

From Ver 2.0, you can also access iTunes Library from ThumbVideo. You can add your video files to iTunes (of PC/Mac), then sync it to your device. The same items of iOS “Video” app can be found from on “iTunes Library” tab of ThumbVideo.

Q. How can I use “Web” tab.

ThumbVideo can play the movie which linked from any html pages directly. If your Mac, PC, NAS have a capability of Web server,  you can store the video files and play it without copying to the device.

It does not mean that the all of the video files on the internet such as YouTube can be played.

Q. I can not found the menu item to the Secret mode.

Please tap the action button on the right-top corner of “Local Files” tab, and wait 3 seconds. It is a little tricky because it is for the secret ;-). On iPad, you can also double tap the action button instead of waiting 3seconds.

Q. Why it requires access location information, when I open “Camera Rolls” tab?

This is because Apple’s restriction. Accessing camera rolls means accessing the location information embedded in your pictures or videos. Actually, ThumbVideo does not use any location information.

Q. “Camera Rools” tab shows no item.

You probably declined the access of location information alert. Open “Settings” app, select “Location Services”, the turn the switch of ThumbVideo on.

Please read question just before this.

Q. Can I play the video in portrait mode?

You can play the movie only in landscape mode for now. But only when playing video from Camera Rolls, screen will auto rotate by device orientation.

Q. About list screens rotation. (Ver 2.0 and above)

If you wan to lock list screens to landscape mode as Ver 1.x, you can do it from “Settings”. Portrait mode of list screens is good for use of external monitor or AirPlay.

If the lists does not rotate to portrait even you turn on the settings, please check iOS rotation lock settings.

Q. What is the file “resume.db” which are shown to iTunes File Sharing? (Ver 2.1 and above)

This is a database file of resume information. I placed it here, because iTunes/iCloud will automatically backup data in this place. You can delete to clear all resume information or copy into other devices.

Q. It does not start !! (Ver 2.0 and above)

The resume database or thumbnails cache may be dameged. You can clear it from settings. Turn each switches on and start ThumbVideo. If deleting is success, switch will back to off automatically.

Q. Swiping left/right when pausing, the message “Step Forward/Backward” will be shown, but video does not move.

Technically, ThumbVideo send command “forward/backward 1sec.” to iOS video player. But, it is difficult to MPEG based compression technology to show every frame correctly. This function is currently experimental.

Q. How can I use ”Easy Jog Dial”?

Press and hold any place on the video and you will see FF/REW icon. Then draw a circle around it. A small circle adds 1 minute, larger one adds 5 minutes. If you want to jump 7 minutes forward, try 1 large circle and 2 small circle and release your finger.

Q. Is there any other tips?

  • Double tapping will pause and continue playing.
  • Swiping up while pausing will exit to the list.(Ver.2.1 and above)
  • 2 or 3 finger left/right swiping jumps 2x or 3x seconds.(Ver.2.1 and above)
  • Swiping left/right on the list results “go forward/back” in Web tab. (Ver.2.5 and above)
  • Swiping right on the list results “back to upper level” in iTunes Library tab. (Ver.2.5 and above)



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