iOS6 & iPhone5 support of ThumbVideo

This article provides latest information about iOS6 & iPhone5 support of ThumbVideo.

■iOS6 Support

Currently, no major problem has found.

■iPhone5 Support

Developing v2.3 which support wide screen aspect of iPhone5 is almost done. I think I can submit it to AppStore in a few days. Normally, it takes a week to be reviewed. But it may take a longer time because currently many developer will try to it. I hope I can release v2.3 in September. Please be patient.

supplementing: I have submitted v2.3. Please wait a week or so.

If you run v2.2 on iPhone5, black box will appear on both side of screen.

■Black color theme

v2.3 also support black color theme for list screens to prevent dazzling when you exit to list  screen in dark place.


Black screen bug on ThumbVideo 2.1

I found a bug on ThumbVideo 2.1 which is released today. When app is started, only a black screen is shown and then nothing happens.

It seems happens only when “Allow Portrait List” switch is OFF in “Setting” app. It happens only on my iPhone4S, not iPod touch 4th / iPad 3rd or Simulator for now. Deleting and re-installing the app fixes the problem temporarily, but it will happen again.

If you encounter this, please turn that setting ON for temporal workaround.

I have submitted the fix version 2.1.1 to AppStore. Please wait a week or so. Thank you for your patience.



I confirmed that AirStash can be used as a mobile streaming server for ThumbVideo.



  • カメラロール内の動画(可能であれば他のアルバムについても)
  • 「ビデオ」アプリ(iOS4以前では「iPod」アプリ)に同期した動画
Next major release of ThumbVideo will play the video in the Camera Roll or “Video” app (“iPod” app in iOS4.x).

[ThumbVideo] Secret Folder

This entry describe about “Secret Folder” feature of ThumbVideo v1.5 or later.

This feature hide private video files which you specified from local files list. It does not encrypt files. Just hiding from list. Some PC/Mac application can access hidden files through USB cables. Please use this as casual camouflage on iPhone/iPad.

■How to use.

The access to this function itself is intentionally a bit tricky. Tap the action button on the upper right corner of the “Local Files” screen. The action sheet will appear. Then wait 3 seconds. The hidden menu will appear. You can tap action button once more, it will show the hidden menu immediately. Tap “Unlock Secret Folder” and input default passcode “0000”. The “Secret Folder” group will appear on the list table. This is the Secret mode. Tap action button again and “Hide/Unhide“. The navigation bar turns into green. Now you can choose files to move it into “Secret Folder” group. If you select the file in that group, it will move to “iTunes File Share” group. You can change your passcode in “Change passcode” using any 4 digit character. If you forget your code, you can reset it, but the files in the Secret Folder will be deleted. Tapping “Lock Secret Folder” or switching other app will lock (hide) secret folder again.

「おやゆびでお」が「Open In…」に対応しました

「おやゆびでお」のDocument Interaction(いわゆる「Open in…」)対応バージョンを開発していますがリリースされました。GoogReader等の強力なダウンロード機能を有するアプリで動画ファイルを取得し、それを「おやゆびでお」で視聴することができるようになります。ほぼ完成して動作テスト中ですので、現在審査中のiOS5対応バグフィクス版(v1.1.1)がリリースされる頃には審査に出せるんじゃないかと思っています。お楽しみに!

I am developing released a new version of “ThumbVideo” which support iOS Document Interaction (aka “Open in…”). You can use other app which enabled Doc Interaction such as “GoodReader” to download video file and then play it with “ThumbVideo”. It’s almost done and in the testing phase. I think a bug fix version for iOS5 (v1.1.1) will be approved within a few days. Then I will submit this new one. Please look forword to it! Have Fun!




おやゆびでおのiOS5上での不具合 (ThumbVideo bug on iOS5)

iOS5でおやゆびでお v1.1を使用した場合、垂直スライダーに下記の表示不具合が発生することが判明しています(表示の問題のみで操作は通常通りに行えます)。次バージョンでの修正を予定しております。ご迷惑をおかけしますが今しばらくお待ち下さい。

When you use ThumbVideo v1.1 with iOS5, some appearance problem about the  vertical slider will happen (You can use it as usual). I will fix it in next version. Please be patient.

正しい表示(Correct appearance)

iOS5での不具合発生時(wrong appearance on iOS5)


The background color of slider becomes transparent, when you start the video at the 2nd time.


ThumbVideo v1.1 has released, how to use “Jog anywhere”

ThumbVideo version 1.1 has released.

The primary change is adding “Jog anywhere” function.

This is for mid-range jump ability longer than flick and preciser than the vertical slider. When you long-press anywhere on the video screen, the FF/REWIND icon will appear. Then draw a circle around the icon. the smaller circle is counted as 1 minute, bigger as 5 minute. The total jump minutes are shown at top of the screen. Turning clockwise increments the count (which results jump to forward direction), and counterclockwise for decrements (means move backward). When you release your finger, the playback point will change as the counter.



How to copy your video files to ThumbVideo.

This is how you can copy your video files to ThumbVideo via “iTunes File Sharing”.

(Sorry, the screenshots are captured from Japanese version of iTunes.)

First, Connect your device to Mac/PC and start iTunes.


Click your device name from left sidebar. The right pain will change as the picture above.


Then click “App” with red arrow 2 and scroll the right pain to bottom (as the red arrow 3).


You may find the label “File Sharing” (or similar words in English) and App name list which iTunes File Sharing enabled. Choose “ThumbVideo” (as the red arrow 4). Then drag your video files from Finder (Mac) or Explorer (Windows) into the right pain (as the red arrow 5).

That’s all :-)